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Qamar Al Ahmar has a team of leading business setup consultants in Dubai/UAE that specializes in all forms of company formation procedures.

Get Expert Consultation for company formation in Dubai

Company setup in Dubai and across the UAE has various procedures.

From initial to end, you need a proper guidance. Dubaisetup is there at your service.

Professional Services

Company Registration
Qamar Al Ahmar Up provides swift registration of single shareholder companies
Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts

Banking transactions are one of the key financial elements

Visa Services

Getting visa in UAE is not easier due to the stringent verification

License Renewal
UAE serves as the perfect location for your business

Why Choose Us

Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts are here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us to when you return. Dubaisetup is a prominent businessmen service provider in UAE offering fully fledged complete services for company formation, setup, offices, PRO, legal, and document services in Dubai and across all over the UAE.

Assessment of viability, stability and profitability of a business, sub-business or project

Internal accounting & sales data, in addition to external market and economic indicators

Financial Modeling
Preparation of detailed company specific models used for decision making purposes

Preparation of detailed company specific models used for decision making purposes

Our Partners Trusted Us

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Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively
used in marketing for as long as marketing exists.

” It’s not every day you run into people who genuinely care about other people, and these guys do. they are always doing good and enthical work. they’re honest and reliable and there and subsitute for great customer services.”

Ilyas Raza

“Qamar Al Ahmar is one of the best companies i have had the pleasure of working with. they are extermely throughand truly take pride in what they do. i know i can trust python and his team with all of my motor needs!”

Smith Robet

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